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Connecting Kids with Stories and AI

Connect your kids with stories from AI-powered platform with illustrations and feedback that helps to improve their reading and creativity skills.

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Olivia Barander

“My kids love reading the stories on FictionGenie, and the feedback makes it easier to track their progress.”

Olivia Barander


AI-powered stories

FictionGenie has an AI-powered platform that brings stories to life with vivid illustrations, providing an immersive learning experience.

AI-powered Kids stories

Multi-lingual book adventures

Discover the benefits of AI technology in language learning with FictionGenie. Kids can read captivating stories in any language of their choice and explore new horizons of culture and imagination.

Multilingual Book Adventures

Guiding Parents with Powerful Insights!

FictionGenie, an AI-powered platform, not just provide parents with an assessment of their children's reading advancement, but also offers insights to enhance Kids creative skills.

Parents monitoring kids progress

Stories that Grow with kids

Experience personalized reading with customized AI profiles for kids, where stories stay the same but the language adapts to their age, making reading easier and fostering creativity as they grow.

Story words change according to kids age

Listen When Reading's On Break

Fiction Genie AI narrations let Kids pick any story and listen to it in a language they choose. It's like magic – having fun with tales and learning cool words at the same time!.

AI-generated feedback

"Reading literary fiction can improve empathy, social perception, and emotional intelligence."

(Mar, R. A., Oatley, K., Hirsh, J., dela Paz, J., & Peterson, J. B. (2006). Bookworms versus nerds: Exposure to fiction versus non-fiction, divergent associations with social ability, and the simulation of fictional social worlds. Journal of Research in Personality)


What is our Aim?

Our aim is to assist parents in enhancing and tracking their children's creativity, writing abilities, and passion for storytelling using our entertaining and interactive platform, while leveraging AI-powered feedback to provide personalized guidance and support.

Who is our Target Audience?

This platform is primarily designed for parents who are ambitious about improving their child's creativity and reading skills. FictionGenie also provide assesment to praents about how their kid is doing.

How is our Platform Interactive?

Our AI-powered feedback system is like having a personal coach, always there to give constructive feedback and help children improve their creative skills.

How much does it cost?

So, we're keeping it really simple: sign up for free, and enjoy all the reading and storytelling goodness that we have to offer for one month. If you are amazed by what we offer, you might want to take advantage of our Basic or Premium subscription plans.

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A note from our founder

As the founder of this platform, I am over the moon to welcome you to our community of budding storytellers and writers. I may be biased, but I think we have the coolest and most creative bunch of kids around. My hope is that FictionGenie will not only help children become better story tellers but also instill a lifelong love of reading and storytelling. I am grateful to have you all on this journey with me, and I can't wait to see the amazing stories that our children will read, learn and create. Thank you for being a part of the FictionGenie community, and let's ignite our children's creativity together!

Jamal Nasir

Founder and CEO